Waves and Sound
Audience Wave | Antinode Jumping | Hoot Tubes | Poop Organ

Air Pressure
Plunger and Plexiglass | Ping Pong Cannon | Chair Lift | Magdeburg Swing | Magdeburg Hemisphere Tug of WarBoiling Bulb | Barrel Crush

Bernoulli Effect
Paper lift | Toilet Paper the TreeFloating Beach Ball

Mechanics- Projectile Motion
Ball Drop | Simultaneous Fall | Range of Cannon | Howitzer and Tunnel | Monkey and Hunter

Mechanics- Inertia
Egg and Plate |Egg and Sheet | Human Rocket | Giant Puffer | Wood Block Stack | | Table Cloth Pull | Bed of Nails


Don't try this at home

Fred Orsted uses a sledgehammer to break a cement block on Hank Ryan's chest. Ryan is lying on a bed of nails. Check out the physics behind this spectacular demo.